Blackbeard Jerky BBQ 35ct

Our Barbecue is marinated in brown sugar, spices and a splash of red tomato flavor create a beef jerky that's mildly spicy, moist and tender.

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Ingredients: Beef, BrownSugar, Water, TomatoPowder, Salt, NaturalFlavorings, NaturalSmokeFlavoring, Molasses, MonosodiumGlutamate, Paprika, CitricAcid, SpiceExtractives, SodiumNitrite.

Nutritional Facts Calories 100 Fat Calories 10 Total Fat Amount 1.00g Total Fat Percent 2.00% Serving Size 1 Total Saturated Fat Amount 0.00g Total Saturated Fat Percent 0.00% Serving Count 7 Cholesterol Amount 10.00mg Cholesterol Percent 3.00% Vitamin A Percent 6% Sodium Amount 640.00mg Sodium Percent 27.00% Vitamin C Percent 0% Total Carb Amount 10.00g Total Carb Percent 4.00% Calcium Percent 0% Fiber Amount 0.00g Fiber Percent 0.00% Iron Percent 10% Sugar Amount 8.00g Protein Amount 11.00g

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Blackbeard Jerky BBQ 35ct

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